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:3 And I don't mean the poop.

Well, I'm done wiht the volunteering, and am at home watching Strange Foods with Andrew Zimmern. I love this show... xD I just had dinner of cerial and an apple~ I might want more later, but I'll do my best not to resist! o-o Unless it's chocolate. In which case it's just fine, I guess. Because chocolate doesn't make you fat, right...? .___.;; No. No, it doesn't. Anyway. Maybe I should get started with things.

I'll begin with the concert. I did my makeup and stuff for it, then I had a little while left so I took some pictures. xD I might as well put them up, right?



(and them me eating my dinner - a stick of string cheese xD)


Allllso, I took a picture of the dog and the cat, because I liked their position xD


I think I've gotten not terrible at putting on eyeliner a little bit 8D Anyway, Christi and I went to the VAMPS concert together and met up with SiSeN and some of her friends that I don't know... Oh, and Eunice! Not the one from my PE class, though; I would have punched her in the face. Dx In any case, they saved a spot in line for us, and we got in pretty quickly. At that point we sort of split up; Christi and I went up near the middle-front, and they went to the left-front. But, we weren't DIRECTLY in the front, there were a few rows of people in front of us. /:

It took about fourty minutes just standing there and talking and sweating before the concert started, and when it did I was expecting a bunch of crazed Hyde fans pushing forward to get anywhere near him, but no. Even though it started with SEX BLOOD ROCK 'NROLL, people were just sort of standing there and bobbing their heads... It picked up a couple times during the concert, but the croud really wasn't all that intense xD I was able to push my way all the way to the very front without really even pushing. But, there was this one girl behind me that was REALLY into it, so I ended up giving my spot to her.

All in all, it wasn't the best live, but it was fun. Hyde and KAZ were pretty good, but the support bassist was THE BEST. He was ugly as all fuck, but he was great. I managed to touch him and Hyde's poodle, as well as his bass. :3 It was fun, but whenever Hyde attempted to be sexy (mostly by sticking his middle finger in his mouth or sticking his tongue out), he usually just looked funny or stupid. xD To me at least. And he kept complaining about how hot it was and stuff; talked about how he liked it in Portland with all the little shops. I kinda think that was BS though, seeing as how he'd been here less than a day. Apparently it was long enough for KAZ to get a manicure though. xDDD Which was a TOTALLY AWESOME idea to do right before playing guitar live. :'D

Well, after the live and everything, I was expecting a signing that they didn't have. Which was really disappointing, because I'd brought two different CDs for them to sign... Among other reasons. But, after we'd been basically kicked out, Christi and I went down to the Fred Meyers and got some soda. O: Then, we went back to the concert hall and waited for her dad to give us a ride back. While we were waiting, there were these two Japanese girls who were doing a homestay thing, I can only assume, because they didn't really know English. But, they came up to me and asked me to get a taxi for them... It was my first time getting a taxi, so it was a bit awkward at first, but I managed it!! We were picked up before the taxi came, though... I hope that they managed to get it. Dx

That was the end of the concert experience. When I got home I was feeling all sick and headachy D: I think it was a mix between dehydration and LOUD LOUD LOUD music... So I went to bed pretty soon afterward.

The next day, or rather today, was boring. I didn't really do much, except that I did my volunteer work. Which was surprisingly fun! I was just making calls to people in Eugene, but the four other people were pretty cool, and we made good time. I was the youngest one there... xDD It really wasn't that interesting, mostly just me leaving a lot of messages, except there was this one time I was hung up on before I even got to say a word!! xD It was really funny.

When I was on my way back on the max, though, was when it started getting interesting. I was sitting there, listening to D'ERLANGER and trying to mind my own business when these two ladies get on. One was American, and you could tell just from looking at her somehow that she was super-religious(I found out later she taught praise dance or something...), and one spoke in a THICK Japanese accent. So I had to kinda listen in to what they were saying... 8D;;

Anyway, after a little bit of texting Christi and asking her if I should say something (because I wanted to practice Japanese or whatever... xD That was my excuse), I decided to say hi. Except it was more of a "....8D HI YOU'RE JAPANESE, RIGHT??"

Yeah. :3 I'm pretty EFFing smooth, right~?

So we started talking, and she was really interesting, actually. Her name was Eri, she never gave us her last name. She was born in China, but then moved to Japan... Because of that, though, she says she never liked Japanese food xD But loved Chinese. Apparently Portland/Beaverton has mediocre Chinese food though, so... I guess it's a good town? I know a really good one, I think. It's called Good Taste Noodle Shop... AND IT'S AMAZING. OMFG. I'VE ONLY WENT THERE ONCE, AND IT'S THE BEST CHINESE I'VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE.

SOOOO. We talked about different things, she brough up how she feels she needs to excersize more because she's been eating a lot of American pizza. Which surprised me a lot. Because every other Japanese person I'd met hasn't liked American pizza; she was the very first one. She went on to say, though, that she wanted to join a gym, but was really surprised when I told her it was expensive... xD She just wanted to use it for the pool, so I gave her my number and told her that she could use the pool over by our townhouses since it's free. I hope I get a call from her~!! It would be great to practice my Japanese more. 8D I would have done it a bit more while I was with her on the train, I think, but it's rude when there's another person that doesn't understand, isn't it...? Plus, she was pretty much fluent in English. Which is shocking. Because she's apparently only been learning for six weeks.

So when I told her that I'd been learning for three years, naturally she thought that it meant I was good enough to read a Japanese newspaper.



No. .___. Not even close.

It was fun talking to her, though... :3 Then, when I got home, I had dinner and started to write this and watch TV and talk on the phone and somehow this ended up taking three hours to type.... Somehow. o.o

And it's so hot here. Dx I'm like a continuous fountain of sweat at the moment.

Aaaaaand, with that pleasant fact, I end this long-ass entry~ 8D
It's been a while. D: Sorry. But, I'm waiting in the Basic Rights Oregon building, so I thought I'd update! :3 I'm out of my funk by now, so that's good, and I went to see VAMPS last night. They were pretty good... I wasn't impressed with Hyde, though, or that poodle he keeps on his head. My friend FINALLY believed me that KAZ was like ( an older, uglier) Kai from The GazettE. So that made me happy xD They didn't do a signing though... Which sucked. D: That was sort of half the reason I was going.

And, there wasn't a mosh pit, or any pushing. xD Except for during the climax of a few songs, but I was half-expecting that. /: It was hot enough everywhere for me to sweat up a storm, though. xD I think that I fell in love with the support bassist though. :'D He was UGLY AS ALL HELL, but completely the most amazing thing even. Both Hyde and KAZ have a lot to learn from him in terms of stage performance... And fashion advice. His fuzzy leopard capris were FANTASTIC.

I don't really have much I can say right now xD I'm about to volunteer for Basic Rights Oregon, and came about a half hour early, but there isn't much time left until I have to start. I'm going to be making phone calls and seeing if I can get people to register for the Eugene Garden Party... :'D Funny how many things seem to have to do with Eugene lately. But anyway, I'm a little bit nervous since I haven't really volunteered much, and I'm not so good at talking on the phone, but the person in charge is pretty chill, and we're only going to be calling past donaters.

For now, I'm going to read over the script again, and maybe the description of what the Eugene Garden Party is, so I can be better prepared... xD It takes me a while to read either of them, because I read them like I do my history textbook. Slowly... VERY SLOWLY. So I can absorb more. :3

AND HANA. BE ON TONIGHT. Dx I'm not going to be on at 6 because I'll be volunteering (obviously), but I'll be on later, and I wanna talk to yoooooou~
Hopefully I didn't worry anyone last night, but I think what I planned on writing would have just been worse... Dx I was probably half-way through writing it, and decided it was effing stupid, though. Because it was.

So, it was probably around 9:40 or something and I started feeling slightly ADD, but not in a way like hyper, just that I couldn't concentrate on anything, and things were flashing through my mind. I honestly didn't have a clue what to do, and was sort of scared, especially when I started having suicidal thoughts, because that doesn't happen very often at all anymore.

Once the Canadians I was talking to on MSN decided to sleep, which was only about twenty or so minutes later, I was left with myself, and I didn't know what to do. So I got up and resisted pacing around for a bit seeing as how my mom was still awake, just quiet on the computer, not paying any attention to me. A couple minutes later, I decided I'd try and walk it off, so I got the dog's leash and practically dragged the previously warm, sleeping, comfortable thing to the door, announcing I was taking it on a walk. My mom didn't seem to find anything wrong with it, so I went.

It was, of course, raining. It is Oregon. And I was, of course, barefoot. So I turned my music up, and tried to get the dog to walk with me, even though it clearly just wanted to go back to where it had been before. Eventually it gave in though, and we walked around the neighborhood; the whole neighborhood. It did its business, and I considered going back, but I wasn't feeling any better, so I didn't. I don't know how long I walked, but eventually my music was blasting in my ears, the loudest level, and I found myself trying to turn it up even louder despite that at times.

Like I do on occasion, I started looking around me and describing things I experienced to myself, just flashes of imagination. Ryo's voice purring the lyrics to headache in my abused ear. The flurry of raindrops, made only visable by the lamp post on the side of the road. Yeah, pretty stupid, huh? But that's what I do sometimes, as stupid as it sounds...

At that time, I was walking along the cement wall separating my group of townhouses from the rest of the world, and after I walked as far as I could without leaving, I plunged myself back into the rows of equally unastounding houses, and the poor dog being forced to travel with me thought that surely we must be going home. But it was wrong, and as much as it pulled, we ended up walking all the way to the other side of my neighborhood and into someone else's, walking in a straight line for as long as we could before turning around and going the other way for as long as we could. When I finally came to a stop there, was when I paused to consider the pathetic thing, shivering and, I realized, whimpering lightly.

As I wondered if what I was doing could be considered animal abuse, I finally decided to head home, feeling a little better, at the very least. It still took about five minutes walking to get back to the neighborhood, and when I looked at the clock it was 11; I'd effectively spent about an hour walking barefoot in the rain. My computer was still on, so I decided I'd make a post about how shitty I felt and blah blah blah; bitch away basically. As if I'm worth that; ha! It was going to be this big, drawn out thing, but, again, half-way through I pulled the plug. I guess I came to my senses and realized that it was REALLY dumb.

So anyway, I posted what I had, turned my laptop off, and tried to go to bed. It was about 11:30 then, pretty damn early for me, but I was sort of tired anyway... Or at least I thought so. I didn't actually end up sleeping until after 2:30, even though I was just lying there on the couch the whole time, the dog wet and shivering on top of me. I figured I at least owed it enough to use my body heat, despite its stink.

Well, now I'm awake, and I'm explaining everything. I'm not going to check journals right now, or reply to comments, because I feel a little of what I felt last night still, and I'm really not in the mood... Sorry. I'm going to practice drums and see if that helps, it probably will a lot more than stepping on thorns and slugs in the rain for an hour. I probably would have tried it last night, had I the ability to do so without waking the neighbors.
Nevermind. I was going to write something, but didn't. I suddenly got into a really shitty mood...

Maybe I'll talk about it tomorrow. I think I'm going to go to bed before I do something stupid.

Hana, sorry I couldn't talk to you today. I wanted to.
I've listened to my VAMPS CD, and... I'm shocked at how much I like it. I didn't think that I'd be that crazy, seeing as how I haven't been a huge fan of L'arc in a while, or really liked their stuff, but this CD is really good. It's their self-titled album...

I really love the song Deep Red, and can't stop listening to it... xD I hope they play it in concert!
All of my friends are doing really long LJ posts, and I feel sort of like I should do one because of it. .___. I don't know exactly what I could say, as my life is actually as boring as a rhyno pooping, but... I'll try!!!

Like usual, I woke up on the couch to my mom tapping my feet. I sleep on the couch because someone has to sleep downstairs with the dog or it'll start whining, and since I don't want to have a bedtime, I just decide to do it. If it was anyone else, I'd have to go to my room and go to bed or something... There isn't any light structures, so it gets really dark, and I end up falling asleep faster. Dx (Plus there's the kitchen right there! 8D I should be watching what I eat, but... At night I usually fail. I managed not to have any of the brownies my sister had made, even though they were warm and delicious, though I do admit having more of the banana-pineapple-Iforgetwhattheotherthingwas[probablyorange] juice than I needed).

End of long-ass parenthesis. Or however you spell it... I'm not going to bother to look it up. xDD

But anyway, I was woke up at about 8:30, so I hobbled, running into walls and falling down the stairs I was trying to go up, to my room and collapsed on my bed pretty much. I'd thought I was going to be woke up again at 9, like my mom said she was going to, but she actually woke me up a little after 10, so I had to hurry to get ready before 11... Which actually didn't take long. xD I just took a quick shower and straightened my bangs, as well as putting on a bit of eye make-up. I really like eyeliner... xD I've never tried the liquid kind, but I have four different colors; red, blue, white, and black. Mostly I use red, black, and a bit of white, but sometimes I use the blue. I can't use the red and blue together though, or else I feel sick with patriotism. @-@

In any case, I had to be ready by 11, because that was when my grandma was picking me up to do my birthday shopping. With each of the grandkids, for their birthdays, she likes to take them out shopping and let them spend $100 each... Which is really actually pretty amazing... @---@ So, I went to uwajimaya's first, and bought myself a VAMPS CD, because they're going to have a concert on the 20th, and I'm hoping that they're going to do signings like all the other Japanese bands seem to do... xD All the ones that I like, at least. And, it would be nice to at least have heard their music a little bit before I go. .__.;;; I also got a bag of supersour!lemon candies for my little sister, Tabby, because she'd asked for them. The second Battle Royale book (in Japanese) was tempting to get, but I decided against it... I also decided against getting a Big Bang CD for my friend, which is what I'm getting her for her birthday... She doesn't have a lj, so I don't have to worry about her reading this. xD

After shopping, we went to Hakatamon, because that's right next to it. I got yasai yakisoba, and she got hakata ramen... I liked mine, but apparently the broth in hers wasn't flavorful enough for her or something, because she didn't like it. Unfortunately, they use pork broth (SWINE FLU OH NO!), so I couldn't try any... Not because of HO CRAP SWINE FLU, but because I'm a vegetarian. xD If anyone reading this didn't previously know that... Which I doubt, because I'm pretty sure the only people who would read this are the two people who also post long-ass entries... Who know me very, very well. Definitely enough to know I'm a vegetarian.

WELL ANYWAY. 8D We decided to go to the mall afterword, and in Hot Topic I looked for Sonata Arctica for forever, but they didn't have it so bought an LM.C CD (they sell them there now!) instead. I like LM.C, though, so it definitely wasn't a waste I don't think. xD Even though I already have all the songs on it. In addition, I bought two more bottles of hair dye, except, they were a different brand than I usually get... It was called "demi-permanent" hair dye, which was odd, and when I opened it, it was scented!!!!! One is bubble gum, and one is cotton candy, I think... Which is really weird. Demi-permanent apparently means that if I dye one area with it enough, it will eventually become permanent... Which is actually true about semi-permanent, too. Or at least one bottle that I have of it. xD

We went to that one really big candy store at the mall so I could get some candy for Zoe, too, and I made her a bag of the stuff I was pretty sure she liked.... She was really happy when I gave it to her, as was Tabby when I gave her the supersour!lemon candy. xD After that, my grandma and I just went around and looked at things in Macy's, mostly suits. I pointed out things that I thought would look good on different people, but she didn't feel like trying anything on, so she didn't buy anything. Which I guess is just as well... xD It was fun regardless.

When we got home, she hung out for about fifteen minutes before leaving, and before long I was dying Tabby and my hair. She got a bunch of blue, and I'm going for red, blue-green, and blonde, as well as my natural brown. xD Hopefully it'll look good... I'm waiting for it to soak in at the moment, which, I'm sure it has done all that it's going to. I've been waiting for over an hour now... After I'm done with this, which I'd imagine I almost am, I'll wash it out.

Before deciding to write this, I caught up in my friends' livejournals... xD It's so interesting reading theirs'; Miku's and Hana's. Hana's in Japan, and seems to have all sorts of adventures. .___. Going out with friends all the time. Or... I don't know if their friends, she said she was starting to make some, but... In any case, it sounds like she's having fun. SAT stuff aside. The last thing I did with my friends... Go to Uwajimaya so that I could get one of them a present. xD It was SiSeN, and I got her a VAMPS single, because she's going to the concert, too. She hates Hyde, though. :'D It'll be sorta funny to see her there. She's not crazy over K.A.Z., either. I, personally, think that K.A.Z. is more attractive than Hyde, though. .____. Which I'm sure that Hana will kill me over if she reads this. 8DD

That trip was fun though, 'cause Christi drove us around... xD She's the one I'm getting the Big Bang CD for. She's nice, but she can be a bitch. D: When we were leaving, after we'd dropped SiSeN off, she started driving away without unlocking the door so I could get in, and I ran along side the car, holding onto the door. xDD Then she finally unlocked it, and I was going to get in, but then she started driving again!!! I had to run to catch up, and then she stopped suddenly, and I ended up running into the door. Dx That bitch!!

I can't deny that it was funny, though. :'D

Sooo... there's my long-ass entry. We'll see if I do more of these. O:
...here we go xD

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Is really stressing me out. Dx I'm going to try and go in Seattle, but I don't know how to tell my friend that I really, REALLY don't want to go in Eugene. I've lived in Eugene for eight years, and while the piercing and tattoo parlours are amazing, that's pretty much all that's amazing. I know it's a lot cheaper, and that it would probbly be better, but I've been looking at this place I could go to in Kirkland, I'd only have to be in school for six months before I had enough class time to take the test to get my massage liscense... I know it would be really intense, but I'm not good with school, and to get it over quicker would be better. I can't see long-term all that well when it comes to things like school; or, I can, but I don't really care after a little while...

In any case, I'm looking at financial aid right now... I'm really not sure how to apply at this point. I'm assuming I'd want a Stafford loan? Ugh... I don't feel ready for this. xD I feel waaaaaay too young and immature to be even close to being an adult. I mean... I'm going to be legal in a year. I'm starting to feel a bit sick. I have a great life, but maybe it's because of it that I feel so overwhelmed when things start getting stressful. I feel like I should just be a hobo or something. xD I'm half-wondering if I should share a studio with someone, but I don't think that would be enough room... /:
My birthday is also Micheal Jackson's deathday. Funny, huh? Definately unexpected. My cousin is here making sure I have a good time and making me a cake. xD She's so sweet~

Still no news about my grandmother. I really hope it'll all be alright...

And is it just me, or is livejournal running slower than glass?
Anyone that cares about me getting on, FORGIIIIVE MEEEEEEE


I haven't been on in a while... Much less posted anything worthwhile. Though, when you're posting on livejounal, you have to wonder if anything you say is really worthwhile. I don't really have anyone I know very well probably reading this. Unless a certain cousin of mine decides to get on more.

I've been translating a lot of songs... That's just about it... I need to get back to Jun and Ruka's blogs. I guess it's time to translate more of Ruka's crazy rants about food. o--o I just have to finish matching something up to its lyrics, and I'll be good to go. Only one song today... Yesterday I translated three. xDD I guess I was just on a role. But I put out two songs yesterday and two today, so I guess it's even? /:

On a separate note; tomorrow's my birthday~ I should be excited, but that's when we find out how bad my grandmother's breast cancer is, so I'm sort of apprehensive...